'Secrets and Seduction'

The Wallace Collection Gallery, Saturday 24th June, 6.30pm


Join us in the stunning galleries of the Wallace Collection, one of Europe's finest collections of works of art, paintings, furniture, arms & armour and porcelain.

The concert will also include a discussion between Xavier Bray (Director of the Wallace Collection), Charles Cumming (award-winning novelist), and Jason Price (expert in fine instruments, Founder and Director of Tarisio Auctions).



Beethoven Kreutzer Sonata, Violin Sonata No.9, Op. 47

Strauss Morgen No.4, Op. 27

Frank Piano Quintet in F minor



clare presland.jpg

Clare Presland | Mezzo Soprano


Jack Liebeck | Violin


Hannah Dawson | Violin


Meghan Cassidy | Viola

tom poster.jpg

Tom Poster | Piano


Priya Mitchell | Violin


Claude Frochaux | Cello